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In this site contain Offense IS attacking method, Defense Is attacking method and BGs reward calculation I given the detailed explanation and example also provided for Is attacking method. This site help you to increase your army and save many troops with proper way of attacking IS.


Following quite a while of maladie and atomic war, the leftovers of human progress split into a great many warring Sectors scattered over the Wasteland, each with their own particular armed force. As Sector Commander, you should add to your Sector, shield it from foes, and apply your strength over weaker adversaries. To succeed you should fabricate your battling constrains and secure assets from the Wasteland. Update your Sector with cautious structures and structures, and secure it by building vital organizations together with the groups around you. General Trevor Winters and the powers of STRATCOM will walk you through all that you have to know not your Sector prepared for the fight to come.


Learning is force! Notwithstanding when times are brutal, you will need to research more Technologies to develop new Buildings, and subsequently, buy all the more effective Units. Gather the obliged modules to inquire about the Technology. Your Tech Advisor will give you one Module consistently you play the diversion. You can likewise buy them at the Black Market, yet the way to a fruitful overhaul is logistics – you can trade Modules with different Commanders through the Trade Gateway or exchange them in the Research Center.Keep in mind that most of the Technologies can be upgraded – upgrade them, to increase their statistics.


There are three fundamental sorts of Resources - Uranium, Titanium, and Credits. Your Sector has fields of Uranium and Titanium. Assemble mines to extricate both Resources. You can exchange Resources in the Trade Getaway. Redesign your Resource structures and build the Breeder Reactor and Ore Refinery to enhance Resource creation. Update your Warehouses to store more Resources.